Why YOU Should GIVE A F*#! In Your Business…

I’ve had to write this blog post as I see so many people being hurt because of this.

MLM can be a great business and I’ve seen so many successful people in it.  However, it can be a right bitchy place also!  This is what let’s MLM down the most – cruel, bitchy people that really don’t give two hoots what they do or what they say to others.

I’m totally disgusted once again a so called Business Person and Leader in MLM being unprofessional and treating her downline and other people who “get in her way” like dirt and publicly humiliating them and is publicly announcing that they don’t really give a F*#! about what they say or do!

Seriously if someone says they “dont’ give a F*#!” you’ve got to ask yourself do you really want to join them in their Team/Business.

I’ve seen quite a few so called leaders do this.  It’s almost as if they have reached where they want to be and now couldn’t really give a crap about anyone except for themselves.

Seriously if it wasn’t for their down line they wouldn’t be where they are today.

I’m surprised these people are where they are today to be honest with you – their attitude and work ethics stink!

If you want your business to thrive and you want to be successful then remember those who help you on your journey

Just remember these few points:-

  1. Go above and beyond to personally help them.
  2. Relate to them, don’t’ act like you’re above them
  3. Show interest in their personal life
  4. Be real and transparent with them
  5. Make time for them
  6. Give recognition where it’s due – shout it to the world!
  7. Back them up with clients
  8. Remember little things do matter
  9. Do things that set you apart
  10. Pay attention and accommodate when a Team Member shows interest in different aspects of the business.

By helping others you will surely be helping yourself to succeed.


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One Reply to “Why YOU Should GIVE A F*#! In Your Business…”

  • This is so true. Its Almost like you have to be a bit of a twat to get anywhere.
    You know I completely get this once you are no use to your up line you get discarded because the friendship wasn’t real, it was all fake.
    I wish I’d looked a bit harder before trusting my last up line but that said it did bring me some really good friends and I’ve learnt from those mistakes and I’m strong enough to start over.
    Not everyone in this industry is and that’s the sad bit

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