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Many marketers struggle with promoting their blog.

We all need ways to market our blog but sometimes we aren’t sure how to do it.

If you have a well written informative blog post that you know will help a lot of people, then it’s important that you promote it so as not to waste all that time writing it.

There are many free ways to market your blog here are a few to get you going.


    Add A Signature
    Sign up for forums in your own niche.  Once you’ve signed up you’ll be able to add your signature and then this will be added to every post you make or answer to in the forum.
    g. my blog as you can see is about helping others with marketing their business online and offline so I would put something like this
    “Marketing Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level” – CLICK HERE

    Answer Questions
    By answering questions on forums will show you as an expert in your niche.  You’ll be surprised by answering regularly as to how many people will start following you 😉

  2. Comment on other peoples blogs in the same niche as you (without spamming of course). In most cases you can put a link back to your own blog and people do follow these links. Ensure your comment relates to the blog post – add any help/tips so that others who read your comment will gain value from it.  If they found this helpful they are likely to visit your blog and start following you.

    Start building your email list.

    You will need an Autoresponder – MailChimp is very popular as it’s free, but my favourite by far is Aweber as it’s so simple to use.

    Send emails to launch your new posts.

    Weekdays work best for promoting your blog posts via email.  Best time is to send them between 7am and 10am in the morning.

    List Building is the best way to turn organic traffic into engaged readers who will constantly see your great blog posts and will want to keep on sharing to others.

    Here are few more tips to help you with email marketing >>> CLICK HERE


    Share your content on Social Media. Ensure you have accounts with all the big Social Media platforms.

    – Facebook
    – Twitter
    – Linkedin
    – Instagram
    – Tumblr

    This may sound like a lot of work but if you have sharing buttons on your blog this will make it a lot easier for you and your readers (the following tip covers social sharing)

    Share your blog posts on Social Media as soon as your post is published… BUT don’t leave it at that if you post it at 8am in the morning then post it again at 1pm and then again at 7pm. Then repost it again once every day for the next week.  Not everyone is on Social Media the same time so people will miss some of your posts.  If people see your posts more than once then intrigue sets in with a lot of people and they will visit your blog post to see what you’re sharing.

    Another thing you could do is just change the title of the Social Media Post but link to the same blog post.


    Make sure you enable social shares directly from your blog post.

    With the WordPress Platform there are numerous plugins that allow you to do this.

    You would have seen “sharing buttons” on the blog posts themselves on many Blogs, just like the ones you see below this blog.

    At the bottom of each blog post put something like this

    “If you have gained value and love this post please share with your friends on Social Media by clicking the buttons below”

    We know that when we are prompted to do something we do it😉


    This is important! People who see you pop up on their social media often will look at your profile to see what you do.  This gives them an ideal opportunity to visit your blog.

    This works well if you’ve an Instagram account as you’re not allowed to use links in Instagram Posts.  So when you share on Instagram mention in your post that there is a link in your Bio to your Blog.


    How many times have you shared a motivational quote graphic from someone else’s FB Page and that graphic has someone else’s website on it.


    ALWAYS, ALWAYS make your own graphics for Motivational Quotes and put your Blog URL on it. Canva is idea for this and is so easy to use.


    Did you know you can go and like other Facebook Pages as YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE instead of YOUR OWN PROFILE?

    Yes you can do just that and when you do – pop a quick comment on the page – something like “A new like from YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE” – but ensure your commenting as your PAGE and not your PROFILE.


    If you find some great information from someone else’s blog/website then give them credit. Link to their website/blog post and pop them a message or email asking them to read it and what their thoughts are.

    Connecting with influencers gives you the opportunity to start a relationship with them. This could result in them even sharing your content to their audiences.


    Guest posts can build your credibility this in turn will tie back to your own blog and the valuable content you publish there.  It get’s your name out there as an expert.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the traffic you’ll get to your blog if you give lots of value with this method.

I will be shortly announcing my “Blogging Workshop”.  Within this workshop I will show you how to set up your blog, write your posts and get traffic to it.

Spaces will be limited so if you think it is something you would like to do but haven’t a clue where to start please complete the form below to show your interest and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have a date arranged.

"Blogging Workshop"

Please complete your details below.  Once the Workshop has been arranged I’ll contact you with full details

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    1 Response to "Blogging For Beginners – Part 4 – How To Promote My Blog?"

    • James Utterson

      Thanks Lainie, for all the great ideas about promoting a blog.

      There’s at least five or six of them I intend to implement asap….starting now with #10 🙂

      I need to remember that as my own blog is relatively new, that I need to be patient.

      Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me following advice such as yours to help speed things up a bit.

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