Blogging For Beginners – Part 2 – What Blogging Platform Should I Use?

There is no question that blogging is one of the best ways to get keyword rich content on your site, get your message on the search engines and get traffic to your website.  But how do you start blogging?

When you consider starting a blog there are many options.  A great way to get started blogging quickly (and for free) is to use an online “standalone” service like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr.

These are free, customizable tools that support both new and more advanced bloggers.  The negative is that you can’t use your website’s domain name.  For instance they will look like this


While you can link to this from your current website, search engines won’t know to give you credit for the extra content as it’s from a different domain.

Unfortunately you can’t fully monetize a free blog. The free blogs are very limited and there are restrictions in uploading images and videos.

You DON’T OWN a FREE BLOG.  It’s hosted on someone else’s property and they can delete it anytime without warning.  Can you imagine this would be a nightmare if you worked damn hard on your blog, all those countless hours might just disappear overnight!

If you are serious about becoming a blogger then I would definitely recommend using a self-hosted WordPress installation on your own domain.  You will be the owner of the blog and have full control over it.

You will be able to add unlimited images and videos – that’s right no restrictions!

This would consist of buying a domain name and hosting to build your site on.  This doesn’t necessarily need to cost the earth and can be started from as little as £5-£10 per month.  In the long run this is by far the best option.

Once you’ve purchased the domain name and hosting it would mean installing the WordPress platform and then you’re away to go.

I recommend D9Hosting for a hosting package. I’ve used them for approximately 10 years and their customer support is second to none.

D9 <a href=hosting" width="728" height="90" />

I also recommend 123Reg to purchase domain names.  Again I’ve used these for over 10 years and I find their back office is much easier to navigate and user friendly.

domain names

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2 Replies to “Blogging For Beginners – Part 2 – What Blogging Platform Should I Use?”

  • Hi Elaine,

    Another interesting post, I agree that using a free blog,
    is a dangerous not only do you have no control
    over the owner of the server, but if you are using blogging
    as a business, you look unprofessional.

    So yes, a self hosted blog, on a server you can control is vital
    to you becoming a success as a blogger.

    Stay awesome,

    Paul 🙂

    • Thank you Paul for your comment.

      I have heard of a couple of people who have actually used a blog and have had their blogs shut down. It’s so sad!

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